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College Football – Michigan State is Out-Coached, Out-Played and Upset 29-27 by Central Michigan

Michigan State blew its chance to run the table this year by letting poor coaching and poor playing open the door for Central Michigan to upset the Spartans 29-27 on their home turf.

The Spartans, a 14.5 point favorite over the Chippewas of the mid-level, Mid American Conference, will not go unbeaten this year despite getting both Michigan and Penn State and home, and not having to face Ohio State at all.

Michigan State’s schedule was a gift from football heaven, but the Spartan coaches and players embarrassed themselves, the university and their followers by proving the old adage that “Everything that belongs to me will come to me when I create the capacity to receive it.”

Heck, it wasn’t a matter of Michigan State not being ready for prime time, the Spartans were not even ready for regular time.

After playing like no one knew what the outcome would be for 52 of 60 minutes, Kirk Cousins connected with B. J. Cunningham on a 7-yard scoring pass to put Michigan State up 27-20 with 7:33 remaining. You can win games scoring only 27 points. The offense did not lose this game, MSU’s defense did.

With 32 seconds left, Chippewa QB Dan LaFevour threw an 11-yard TD strike to Paris Cotton to draw within a point of tying the game, 27-26. But Central Michigan was playing to win and successfully completed a 2-point pass conversion, however, it was caught outside the end zone. By all accounts, MSU had a hard fought, undeserved victory at this point.

There was just one little problem. Central Michigan, still playing to win, got a perfect onside kick from Andrew Aguila, recovered, and would ultimately try a 47-yard field goal to win the game. Aguila’s attempt failed, but an over-anxious offsides penalty brought the ball 5 yards closer and his second, 42-yard attempt did not miss with 3 seconds left. Game over.

So what really happened in this game?

First, the Spartans were not mentally prepared to play  แทงบอลออนไลน์  the game. Second, Central Michigan coach Butch Jones successfully used his spread offense to exploit the Spartans’ weak defensive secondary, the same secondary that played poorly last season and is still not repaired, and neutralize future pro linebacker Greg Jones.

Butch Jones had his quarterback completing passes underneath all game as the Spartan defenders played way too loose, and missed tackles like clockwork. Central Michigan picked up 418 offensive yards on 76 plays, MSU had 316 offensive yards on 56 plays; talk about ball control.

Third, the Spartan coaches, who could have exploited Central Michigan’s weak secondary, decided to run for a miserable 101 yards on 30 attempts (a paltry 3.3 yards per carry) rather than letting Kirk Cousins play pass and catch with his capable receiver corps. End of

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